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samson musical instruments

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Samson USB MIDI Controller

Graphite 49

Great Feel & Total Control. The Samson GraphiteŽ 49 USB MIDI Controller...       

Rs. 16,689

Samson USB MIDI Controller

Carbon 61

Program Change. The Samson CarbonŽ 61 USB MIDI Controller makes musical performance...       

Rs. 11,295

Samson 5-piece Drum Mic Set


A comprehensive drum mic set up in a sturdy road case....       

Rs. 13,845

Samson USB Condenser Mic With Audio Interface


G-Tracking from Concept to Creation Samson's G-Track is the total solution for...       

Rs. 12,500

Samson Shockmount For G-track Microphone


Spider style shockmount specifically designed for the Samson G-Track (GM1U) microphone...       

Rs. 3,200

Samson Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Wired Microphone


Multiple Patterns for Multiple Uses Following the success of the C01U Samson...       

Rs. 9,160

Samson USB Studio Condenser Wired Microphone


Original USB Studio Condenser Mic Reigns Supreme in Popularity and Versatility. Samson...       

Rs. 7,857

Samson Studio Condenser Wired Microphone


Introducing another musically empowering Samson condenser mic. Never before has a studio...       

Rs. 9,344

Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Wired Microphone


Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone...       

Rs. 5,894

Samson Large Diaphragm Condesnser Wired Microphone


Samson's C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a...       

Rs. 4,313

Samson Condenser Wired Microphone With Headphone


C01 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Great for recording vocals acoustic instruments and...       

Rs. 6,038

Samson Professional Studio Reference Monitoring Headphone


Professional Performance & Comfort With a self-adjusting headband for a secure natural...       

Rs. 2,300

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