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Bharat Music House is a 100 year old company started in Lahore (now in Pakistan). With a humble and small beginning, Bharat Music House has now become one of the largest exporters, and retailers of Indian musical instruments in India. BMH has it's own workshop in Delhi - the Indian capital city, and proudly manufactures a wide range of Indian instruments including the Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Sitar, Santoor etc.

Along with manufacturing, BMH also specializes in repairs and servicing of these and many more instruments. Along with Indian instruments, BMH is proud to be the largest retailer of Western musical instruments in Delhi, and one of the largest in India. BMH maintains an inventory of many types of instruments like Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Drum Kits, Effects Processors, Keyboards etc, comprising of well known brands including Fender, TAMA, Yamaha, Krammer, Gibson, Marshall, Samick, Dean Markley, D'addario etc.

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